What I Do

I help brands, organizations and video production companies by provoding them with high quality media.

Computer generated imagery (CGI)

I actually started designing with CGI which is pretty uncommend. In the past I created everything form simple product shots, over international TV Commercials, up to an older version of NewYork for The Amazon Prime series Man in the high castle.

Video Editing / Motion Design

Video Editing can sometimes be very complicated but is is necessary, to create a professional video. I can provide help to bring the video on a professional TV like Level.


Today in our digital world it is necessary, to have a website to provide potential Customers with Informationand offers.

Also if many companys like squarespace offer uspposingly easy ways to create a website most of these website are not compareable to a website made by a professional.


Also if videos and interactive applications seem more attractive graphic design is still key when it comes to create the foundation of a brand.