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The Elephant in the room Cracking

Almost everybody who works in the media industry cracked Photoshop at one point in their Life. Of course, that’s illegal, and some things don’t work. But it is free.

Popular Sites with more Information about these Topics are Appstorrent for Mac Users and TNTzii for Windows Users.

Student discount

Despite being an American Company, Adobe still thinks university students have no money.

Luckily, they don’t want any proof that you are actually a student.

Isn’t everyone a student of Life?

Different pricing for different countries

Some Companies like Adobe, but also Spotify or Netflix price their products differently depending on the country

Turkey is often the most affordable country.

Sadly that can be a bit more complicated since it requires a foreign bank account and a VPN, but doable.

Ending a Creative Cloud subscription immediately

A Creative Cloud subscription usually runs for at least a year. And if you want to cancel it before that, Adobe wants a high Fee.

Luckily, Adobe made a mistake.
You can downgrade from a Creative Cloud subscription to a Lightroom subscription, which you can cancel immediately.

Alternatives to Adobe Software

Adobe usually makes the standard.

But for every Adobe Software, there is a good alternative.

Photoshop – Affinity Photo
Illustrator – Affinity Designer
InDesign – Affinity Publisher
Premiere – Davinci Resolve, FinalCut
After Effects – Cavalry, Apple Motion Vegas Pro
Lightroom- Luminar

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