That’s me

My name is Mark (obviously (actually Marc, but everyone writes me with K and that’s OK.)
I am a Creative Technologist. Creating media which is both functional and aesthetic. Using Technology, to create things faster and better, than any Art Director or Graphic Designer. I am also Part of developing Software products like DALL-E, ChatGPT, or Blender.
I also do freelance work so, If You want to hire me, here is my Design Portfolio.

Companies I worked for

Just to flex


That probably depends on the country. I take €100 per hour, which is roughly $111 or 9000₹ for Western Europe and North America. That is not a lot, but for the majority of the world it is.

Yes, I see no reason, not to. I am also open to work with companies from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Arzach.

I use all kinds of Software packages.
But primarily, I use Adobe Creative Cloud, Midjourney, and Blender.

Believe it or not, I am using a MacBook Pro with M1 Max Chip. Because it is enough performance for what I am doing. And I want to be mobile.
If I create a video which needs a voice-over, I create a Voice-over, but only as Layout for orientation and timing. But I am happy to organize a Professional Speaker for my customers.

I can do more or less anything from creating ideas and Mood boards over Storyboards, to the final product.

Yes, but in my experience in special effects some people heavily underestimate, how long things can take, and I am only a single person not a studio.

The idea for the name came from a Creative Director I worked with a long time ago, who is also known as “16by9” or “Komplexhausen” (people who know, know) basically because my name is Marc and compared to other people he worked with I was technologically many years ahead.
Just good, that my name isn’t Mike.


I don’t work for free.
In my experience companies, who ask questions like this neither have money nor interesting projects.
And even do I think it is ridiculous till a certain degree since no one would sit down into a restaurant and would ask if he can, could get an appetizer for free.
I can understand the wish to test something out, before buying it.
So let me explain why this doesn’t make sense at this point.

This here is the Golden Triangle, one of the fundamentals of Project management. The core statement of this illustration is, that Scope of Work, Time and Cost are the Main factors for quality.
Or in other words, with this you don’t compare people, you compare the time they are willing to put in without any return.