My name is Marc Philipp Gronenberg, but just call me Marc I am a 24-year-old Media designer and perfumer currently based in Augsburg, Germany but currently in the process of moving to Valetta, Malta since Olaf Scholz is frying the German economy and I really prefer using toilet paper over. But that’s another Story.
I enjoy trying out new technology and creating things with it. I think besides speed that is, what sets me apart from other Media designers.


No, at least in the European or American Market I am cheaper than most freelancers and way cheaper than ad or creative agencies.
My hourly rate matches the current price of one gram Gold, which sits at around 55 $/€. Double that for companies with over 100 employees, and double this again for Fortune 500 companies.
This way, the value stays roughly the same over decades.

Yes, I see no reason, not to. I am also open to work with companies from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Arzach.

I use all kinds of Software packages.
But primarily, I use Adobe Creative Cloud and Blender.
I use a Computer, That Ive Built myself, 2 big random Monitors from Samsung and Peripherals from Logitech.
If I create a video which needs a voice-over, I create a Voice-over, but only as Layout for orientation and timing. But I am happy to organize a Professional Speaker for my customers.

I can do more or less anything from creating ideas and Mood boards over Storyboards, to the final product.

Yes, but in my experience in special effects some people heavily underestimate, how long things can take, and I am only a single person not a studio.

The idea for the name came from a Creative Director I worked with a long time ago, who is also known as “16by9” or “Komplexhausen” (people who know, know) basically because my name is Marc and compared to other people he worked with I was technologically many years ahead.
Just good, that my name isn’t Mike.