What should a Computer have to work in 3D?

A good GPU

GPUs are the main factor for rendering speed.
Currently, NVIDIAs RTX GPUs are the best by a long shot in every 3D application.

Nvidia knows this and certified some Laptops as NVIDIA Studio which according Nvidia are good for Design and visualization especially in 3D.

A good and Big Display

Working in front of a small display hours up on hours is really bothering which is the reason, it makes sense, to have at least a 15-Inch Screen but 16-Inch or 17-Inch are of cause better.
Besides, Display Quality can also play an important role which is something determinate primarily two factors, resolution and color.

Most cheaper Laptops with powerful chips are primarily made with gaming in mind. Which is the reason they have a bad display when it comes to Quality, but with a high refresh rate like 120 Hz or more this is helpful for competitive gaming but not useful for a Designer or Animator.
You should get a Laptop with at least a WQHD Resolution (2560*1440) UHD (3840*2160) would be better but is also way more expensive.

When it comes to color, what is important in my opinion is the Colors Space the display should have a 100% coverage of the sRGB color space. That enables you to get if you calibrate the Screen to get accurate colors.

Enough RAM

In most cases, 3D is not that RAM intense. But there are some cases in which a file can take up 20 GB of RAM and to supplement 3D most people are using After Effects which eats RAM like Popcorn 😃🍿🍿🍿. After Effects always profits from more RAM, which is the reason you should get 32 GB RAM or more. Ideally with a possibility to upgrade.

Laptop Recommendations

Razer Blade 17

The one I got for myself

The Razer Blade 17 ticked the most boxes for me, it is available with The RTX 3080Ti which is currently the best GPU for Laptops, it is available with an i9 12900h the Best CPU for Laptops32 GB of RAM which is expandable, the possibility to add a second SSD, and it is also available with a 100% Adobe RGB UHD Touch Screen. Probably the best Laptop Display on the market.

In comparison to most other Laptops from the Gaming category, it is lightweight and doesn’t look like a Gaming Device which can be a huge plus considering the comments I got when I got my first Computer for 3D with Tempered Glass and RGB of cause

which was sitting in an agency in which most people were using Mac and probably saw such a Computer for the first time.

Price: $ 2.300 – $ 4.700

MacBook Pro 16 M1 Max

The best all-rounder if 3D is not the main Task

Even do I currently don’t have a MacBook, I really like them, they are built better than anything else, the screen is great, the trackpad is great, they are extremely light, and the M1 CPUs are faster in all the Adobe Tools then any Threadripper 64 Core PC that is currently available. And GPU Rendering also Works in Blender and Redshift Render. While staying silent and having a good battery performance.

But the downside is, that even if that even is, they are fast they are way slower than the Current Nvidia RTX GPU. From what I tested at the Apple Store, the M1 Max is comparable to an GTX 1070Ti in 3D rendering, which I think is still pretty impressive and absolutely useable.

The other problem is the Software. Outside the Software which is optimized for the M1 Chip Programs like Marvelous Designer or Ember gen, the experience is not that good and things can become extremely complicated.

Price: $ 3.850 – $ 6.840

Alienware X17 R2

The Gaming Icon

The Alienware X17 is available with an i9 12900HK The best Laptop CPU and a RTX3080ti the best Laptop GPU, up to 64 GB of Ram, an UHD Screen and is even configurable with multiple SSDs.

The downside is, that it is bigger and heavier than the Razer for example, especially the Power supply. Also, the Screen doesn’t have full sRGB coverage.
It is built really well-built, not on the same level as the Razer Blade or the MacBook.

The Alienware aesthetic is Iconic, and personally I really like it, but not best suited for the working world.

Price: $ 2.250 – $ 4.550

Acer ConceptD D7