3D Objects

Especially as a professional artist or someone who doesn’t do 3D, primary saving time can be important. The best way to achieve this is to just not do the work. So don’t redo things that are already existing. I was never able to understand why people are doing pictures of the Eiffel Tower if chances are high that much better photos are already existing on the Internet.


HDRIs or Spherical images are a possibility to add lightning to a scene quickly or add some extra detail for more realism to the lightning.


Polyhaven is 100% financed by donations, which is the reason there are no limitations. All textures of the HDRIs are high quality and some are even available in 22K, which is more than anyone will ever need. It is also the biggest HDRI library, with over 500 HDRIs.

Pricing: Free


HDRMaps is the Website with the most HDRIs. They even got used in third-party applications like Substance Painter. and they also offer a lot of freebies.

Pricing: Free and paid products


Pixar also started to create some HDRIs for their Renderman users but of cause you can use them with any Software.

Pricing: Free

hdri skies

HDRI Skies is specialized in Skys which means they offer the biggest variety of Skys available.

Pricing: Low resolution free high resolution $15

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