Best Ressources for 3D Artists

Edited 20th May 2020

Ressources for Textures

Having a source for high-quality, high-resolution textures is necessary to create photorealistic stunning renderings btw. here is my article 10 Tipps for more realistic renderings in Blender. They can also help you, to create things much faster by using a manhole texture for example instead of modeling one.

Screenshot of Textures Haven Website

Texture Haven is 100% financed by donations which is the reason there are no limitations. All textures are available in 8K which is more than enough for almost every project for every texture there are AO, Diffuse, Displacement, Normal and Roughness Maps available. The only problem here is that there are only 151 textures available but this will hopefully change soon.

Pricing: Free

Screenshot of Pixar One Twenty Eight Website

The most legendary 3D animation Studio Pixar developed a Texturepack themself which they are frequently updating. All the textures are seamless thanks to a technique they patented in 1993. I think it can be very interesting for people who are doing stylized renderings and characters.

Pricing: Free

Screenshot of Textutre Ninja Website

Texture Ninja is with over 2000 Textures the biggest and completely free Texture Library. The only downside is, that image size and quality vary and seamless textures, as well as PBR Textures, are rare.

Pricing: Free

Screenshot of CC= Textures Website

CC0 Textures is also completly free and no Account is required. It offers over 700 seamless PBR Textures.

Pricing: Free

Screenshot of Website also has a big variety of textures. all made with Substance Designer. Which means all of them are seamless. But to download them in 4K you need to become a Patreon. as a free user, you can only download them in 1K which maybe is not enough for some projects.

Pricing: 1K Textures Free 4K Textures starting at 5$ per Month

Screenshot of Website has by far the biggest selection of Textures and gets used by the biggest studios around the globe. They are also offering not only textures but also 3d scans and objects. But you need to have a completely free Account. But to download textures in bigger resolutions you need a Premium Account.

Pricing: Free for low resolution Creditpack for high resolution starting at 19$

Screenshot of Poliigon Website

Poliigon is the most modern Ressource for Textures and also offers the highest quality assets with a huge variety of different highresolution and seamless Textures. It also offers own Software for better import and to create own Textures.

Pricing: Starting at 12$

3D Objects

Especially as a professional artist or someone who doesn’t do 3D primary saving time can be important. The best way to achieve this is to just not do the work. So don’t redo things that are already existing. I was never able to understand why people are doing pictures of the Eiffel tower if chances are high that much better photos are already existing on the Internet.

Screenshot of THree D Scans Website

ThreeDScan offers free high-resolution scans of statues. Which are getting used by many 3D Artists. Every 3D model is completely free and without any copyright restriction. Don’t worry if your browser says, that the site is unsafe this is because there is no SSL certificate on the site.

Pricing: Free

Casey Cameron who also created HDRI Haven and Texture Haven has now a new project, where he uploads 3D Models completely free to use, Here are also no limitations or anything since the project runs on donations. The only downside is, that you currently can only find 39 models. But I guess this will change soon.

Pricing: Free

Screenshot of Sketchfab Website

Sketchfab started as a Social Media/ Portfolio Plattform, which enabled people, to upload there 3D Models and Share them with other people. But now it is also a market place to sell 3D models.

Pricing: Free - 290$

Screenshot of Blendswap Website

This one is only for Blender users. But it is awesome since you can not only download 3D Models you can download entirely .blend files. Which is something, that can be really helpful for beginners, who want to reengineer stuff.

Pricing: Free


HDRIs or Spherical images are a possibility to add lightning to a scene quickly or add some extra detail for more realism to the lightning.

Screenshot of HDRI Haven Website

This one is only for Blender users. But it is awesome since you can not only download 3D Models you can download entirely .blend files. Which is something, that can be really helpful for beginners, who want to reengineer stuff.

Pricing: Free

Screenshot of HDR Maps Website

HDRMaps is the Website with the most HDRIs. They even got used in third-party applications like Substance Painter. and they also offer a lot of freebies.

Pricing: Free and paid products

Pixar also started to create some HDRIs for their Renderman users but of cause you can use them with any Software.

Pricing: Free

screenshot of hdri skies website

HDRI Skies is specialized in Skys which means they offer the biggest variety of Skys available.

Pricing: Low resolution free high resolution 15$

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