These days, still a lot of advertising agencies and smaller media companies have a Phone booth with a microphone, mostly a Rode Podcaster or a Rode NT1A which no one really know, how to use.

Luckily, modern technology makes it possible, to get good results without a dedicated microphone.

Of course, hiring a professional voice actor who uses good equipment is still better. But I don’t think that it is necessary in most cases.

Capturing the Voice

The most important thing is, that the environment is relatively silent and that there is not a lot of echo in the room.

A practical Tip which a lot of YouTubers are using when they are on the go is, to put a blanket over the head. looks stupid but works.

The distance between the mouth and the microphone, no matter on which device it is, should be around 20 centimeters.

The AI will fix a lot of things, but the better the input, the more natural the result will be.

Convert into.wav

After you’ve sent your voice recording to your Mac or Computer via Airdrop, Cloud or Mail, it will likely be in the.ma4 format.

Adobe Enhance Speech requires a -mp3 or .wav file to work.

To do that, just select Wavefront Audio, choose the Output folder and press play.

Use Adobe AI Speech Enhance

Go to the Adobe Speech Enhance Website and just click on upload.

After that and a bit of waiting, you can download the file

This file will have no echo or Background Interference and will roughly sound like it has been recorded in a studio.

Edit the Voice over

To get the Broadcasting Voice, you need to Edit the Sound.

For that, I am using Adobe Audition. Which is a basic Sound editing program originally made to edit Podcasts.

Just drag your Sound file into the middle.

Switch to the Effects Rack Menu and open the Presets Menu.

In the Preset Menu, select Podcast Voice. If you play the Soundfile now it will already sound way better.

Now click on the Power off Button left of the DeNoise Effects to deactivate it.

We don’t need it in this case, since Adobe Speech Enhance already filtered that out for us.

In case you have a really loud S in your voice, you can damp it a bit down by adding a DeEsser, which you can find under Amplitude and Compression > DeEsser….

In this window you can select a preset If you are a man take the preset for the deep voice if you are a woman the preset for high voices will probably work better. If you are done, you can just close this window.

Click on Apply to apply the effects to the Sound.

To Export the Sound, click on File>Export>File….

Here you an select, where you want to save if and if you are done Click on Okay.


  1. Magic Mark July 17, 2023 at 3:10 pm - Reply

    What are you using to capture a Voice-over? Do you ever bought a microphone and nerded into this topic as I did, or do you went the it will be good enough rout?

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