Use a Color palette

Use a Color Palette

Low Poly renders typically have less detail and fewer colors than photorealistic renders.
Using color palettes is perhaps the fastest way to explore different color themes to find which one works best for you.

Good Tools for Color pallets are Adobe Color, Which also integrates in every Adobe Software or Coolors


There are a lot of different styles for low poly renderings. Most of the time, it makes sense to stick to one style, which also accounts for polygon distribution patterns.

Use ACES for colorfull low poly renderings

If I see a stylized render of any kind online, I can often recognize, that it is made in Blender. They look less colorful and overall a bit more pale.

The reason for that is the filmic color space, which is the standard color space in Blender today. But compared to the RGB Color space you lose a lot of color, ACES combines the best of both worlds and will probably be the standard color space in the future of Blender

Be more experimental

There are a lot of possibilities like the orthographic perspective or Toon Shaders for Example, which can help to create a unique style which normally doesn’t really play a role.

Quality over

By Nature a Low Poly rendering has very little detail there for it makes sense, to tweak every single polygon if the Goal is, to achieve the highest possible Quality.

Use reference Images

Especially, when the amount of detail is low, it makes sense, to get the proportions right. Therefor it makes sense, to have a reference image so that it is still possible, to recognize the object.


I think a story, the creation of the feeling, that something is happening in the Image is what can make a good Image to a Great Image disregarding the Style.

But the Low Poly Style makes it much easy, to create more complex images with a lot going on. It doesn’t take ages., to create a good character it can e done in a few minutes or hours.

Keep the Polygons even distributed

This point is strongly connected to keep the style consistent. I think it can be problematic, to have a lot of details in one part of the Image and way less details in another Part. At the same time. You can also intentional break the rule.

Here for example the Image would have benefited of some details inside the castle or some single bricks the Wall since the trees are more details it draws the eye away from the castle which should be at the center of the Image.

Low Poly Castle

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